About me

Nice, you got lost and have landed here!

I don't really know what you looked for in the internet that you've got here, but I'm happy though.

So I start telling you my story: I'm Shirley Biela (aka SAUERKRAUTX). Since I was born I passionately make

Art and specialized on a few categories such as drawing, painting, airbrush and Graphic Design.

I constantly learn by myself, but sometimes I do some courses on institutions like academies to refresh

my knowledge. Currently I stream my Art on twitch and show how to paint/draw. Community ideas for

new projects are always welcomed, so we could develop some new projects together! If you are ever

interested in having an own portrait artwork just send a message! Last but not least I'll leave some

information about me for those, who still don't know which kind of person I am: I'm famous for making

stupid comments and to be absentminded. I love black humor and sarcasm, if you did not already

notice because of my weird product descriptions in my shop. Maybe you will find some nerdy references.

I also laugh a lot, but I often have problems with gravity (#facehitsground, #clumsiness). This should be

enough for the beginning. If you like to know more about my personality just look around at this shop or

visit my social platforms. There you will find all the crazy stuff I do.

We'll meet each other there!